With over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the wine industry from grapes to glass we can help you define your goals and help you reach them.  Furthermore, our large rolodex (do people still have those?!) of contacts will help us make your project efficient and world class. Our consulting clients and projects are all unique and as such, we don’t utilize a simple formula for the same strategy for each. Want to know our secret? We listen to our clients, determine their needs, and utilize our resources to make their goals reality. It’s simple but it works. Below is a list of some of the most frequently requested services.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Send us a line and we’ll find the best consulting strategy to fit your needs. 


Vineyard and Viticulture Consulting

A chef can’t cook a 5-star meal out of subpar ingredients and the best wines do not come from grapes of low quality. With our strong viticultural base and love of the land, we understand that if we do our due diligence in the vineyard, it makes the wine work easier and the product better.


Winemaking from Grapes to Glass

Winemaking is an evolutionary process. We work with clients to bring their understanding about the impact of their wine production decisions to address the why and how of getting the wine that they want. As such, we don’t ‘make’ anyone’s wines for them. Instead, we’ll teach them how to craft wine and make them the architects of their own success.


Wine Production Problem Solving

Much of winemaking is an art. No manual or book can prepare you for the character of the incoming vintage and the issues that may arise.  We’re experienced problem-solvers who are endlessly curious and will help you investigate and solve your winemaking issues when they rear their ugly heads.  


Wine Marketing and Sales Position Strategy

Wine is meant to be enjoyed and if it’s not being sold and adeptly marketed, you are not only missing out on profit and growth but on connection as well.  We have worked in sales and distribution and can help you find the right market and position for your wine for success on and off the shelf. 


Restaurant, Retail and Tasting Room Staff Training

The best way to sell wine is to be confident and comfortable around it.  What better way to do that than by helping your team with a custom crafted class tailored to their products.  We’ve taught dozens of staff trainings for some of the northwest’s top restaurants, retail shops, and tasting rooms.  Give your team the competitive edge that they deserve!


Restaurant Wine List Planning and Program Management Training

A great beverage program and wine list doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes focus, knowledge, and an insider perspective into food and wine pairing and customer experience.  Let us work with you to make your wine program stand out and be a strong, sustainable profit center for your restaurant.


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