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Tired of being trapped by the three wines you know are good?

Confidently branch out from your “go-to” bottles and learn how to find and pick new wines you’ll love.

There’s a whole world of wine out there that isn’t just a Napa Cab, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a Red Blend – and we make them easy to find at House of Wine.


Most wine stores are setup wrong.

Organizing by region or variety isn’t helpful.

We’re catalogued progressively, meaning once you find a favorite, other wines that you’ll also like will be nearby. Imagine a whole section with wines of the same style that are perfect for your palate.
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Want to peek at what gems we feature?     

Our wine classes help you learn what you like and why.

You’ll quickly and easily be able to find new wines you’ll love.

Learning about wine doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming. We’ll teach you the keys to choosing wines with and by style.

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Our wine flights and private tastings help you explore new wines. 

You’ll experience wine service catered to YOU. 

Your palate is unique and so are you.  Our wine guides help you discover new wines with private tastings on rotating themes.  Never be stuck in a rut again!

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If you’re in the Treasure Valley and are interested in wine, we’re building your new home.

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