Wine Education Philosophies

Remember your favorite class?

The one where you were excited by what you were learning? Re-live that time; minus the small desks and #2 pencils. House of Wine offers wine education classes perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. What makes our classes great? Read on to learn more about our wine education philosophies.


We’re science geeks at heart.

We believe in delivering classes that discuss the latest research, conduct hands-on learning experiments, and even include chemistry. But don’t worry, we’ll show you that wine chemistry is fun, albeit sometimes messy.


We’re teachers at heart.

Sound familiar? This means we believe in utilizing various teaching methodologies, so we don’t just teach to you but WITH you. It’s not just PowerPoint plus wine. We promise.


We believe in the basics.

Just like any skill (tennis, chess, underwater basket-weaving), wine knowledge comes from practice, so you must hammer the basics to keep getting better. Think of it as line drills for your palate.


We’d like to introduce you to your palate with much more than a handshake.

All the scores and medals in the world can’t tell you what you’ll like. Don’t get us wrong, wine competitions have their place and marketing materials can help us to buy more effectively and efficiently. But when it comes down to it, you’re the best you’ve got. So, get trained and get on with it. What’s your best weapon when it comes to wine snobs? Your OWN palate. There, we said it.


Real wine people aren’t snobby.

We’re anything but. We’re people from all walks of life.  We love the art, history, and science of wine.  But most of all, we prize the connection it provides with others. Plus, we’re great beer drinkers too.


We don’t do ‘pay to play’.

While we work with many wineries and various distributors, we are our own business. This means we don’t push brands or specific wines and don’t receive incentives to sell certain wines. We just look for the best wines for our customers and our curricula.


We’re wine production professionals.

We’ve grown grapes, made wine, sold wine and of course, taught about wine. We love passing that knowledge onto our students. We’re not ones to toot our own horns but we know our stuff.


We believe in QPV. Quality per Value.

While lots of factors can make a wine great, we don’t taste or drink wine in a vacuum. We always look for wines that give you the highest hedonistic return on your dollar. With thousands of different wines available worldwide, the opportunity to find wonderful wines is practically limitless. Let’s go exploring!


The day we stop learning about wine is the day we shut our doors.

In an ever-evolving wine world, staying current is key. We are committed to continuing our own wine education as you can learn here. Hey, wine’s fun so we LOVE learning even more.


Wine should be enjoyed AND appreciated.

Wine isn’t boring and shouldn’t be intimidating. We do our best to create an atmosphere that makes learning fun. Come join us, meet some new friends, and have a great time.


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