Educational Wine Cases

Perfect for gifts, celebrations and of course, learning!

First, let us plead our ‘case’!

House of Wine offers a specialty wine cases curated with some of the best wines available across the world. For each wine case, we carefully select some of the best wines we’ve encountered this year through numerous tastings, judging competitions, and good ‘ol fashioned wine sleuthing. You could say we’ve got an inside scoop on amazing wines whose quality is greater than their price. These wines are perfect for enjoying yourself or parceling out to your neighbors and friends for the many holiday parties you’ll attend (you popular thing, you!). With average prices of $12-20/bottle, you’ll be drinking well without blowing your holiday budget!


This year, due to popular demand, we have TWO distinct cases to choose from.

The Case for the Northwest
Stellar wines from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. $250/case

The Northwest is the home for everything from sparkling to Pinot Noir to full-bodied reds. Most of these standouts were my personal favorites found while judging at the Great Northwest Wine Competitions and vetted by other top judges.  This pack of gold medal winners is perfect for showing your pride for the Northwest and showing off to visitors who think great wines only come from other places. Most of these wines are from smaller wineries although they each show great balance and speak well of their homeland as well as the ‘classic’ characteristics attributed to their variety and style.

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The Case for Wines of the World
Well-crafted wines from across the world that are great values. $150/case

Travel the world and taste a variety of wines without leaving your seat!  This case represents some of the best valued wines we’ve found for the year. Wines with style, grace and plenty of “crushability” to keep you wanting more! And, at less than $13/bottle, you’ll be secure in knowing that these wines are tried and true and won’t embarass you at the holiday potluck. In fact you might want to buy two cases, just to be sure you have enough to share!

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Each case comes with the following:

  • 12 wines- covering a variety of styles from sparkling to full-bodied reds.  Perfect to round out your cellar and ensure you’ve got something for EVERY wine lover.
  • Notes-Detailed wine notes direct from the winery which include all the ‘wine geek speak’ they let us know.
  • Personal Descriptions- We spend hours cultivating these cases and write detailed tasting notes as well as pairing suggestions so you know what each wine will taste like without popping the cork!
  • Free Delivery within Boise city with purchase of 2 or more cases ($10 delivery fee for 1 case)