Thank you for considering House of Wine for your enological laboratory needs. Here’s all of the important information that you should know prior to sample submission to ensure that your sample is processed in a timely and effective manner.


From September to November our hours are by appointment Monday- Saturday from 9am-4pm. Our November through August hours are Tuesday and Thursday by appointment 9am-4pm.

Submission results are guaranteed results within 24 hours.  Samples submitted by 12pm during harvest will receive same day results.   Call at 297-WINE (9463) to notify us of intended sample drop-off by 12pm so that we can be prepared for your analyses.


To expedite processing, payment is due at the time of drop-off. Check and cash are accepted.  For current customers, all invoicing is done electronically and due at the time of service.

Sample Labels & Supplies

Samples must be provided in clean, sealed tubes. Complimentary sample labels and tubes are available at the lab.  Please complete all information on the labels provided to ensure correct analyses and recordkeeping. In the event that labels are unavailable, please write the sample ID, contact information (phone & email), and analyses requested on each sample submitted.

Sample Amounts

Typically 60-120 mL tubes are sufficient for many analyses, however, for multiple tests, a greater amount of sample may be required. For required sample testing volumes, please refer to the pricing sheet. When in doubt, it’s always better to provide an extra sample tube.

A Note about Sampling:

We’re sticklers for accurate and representative wine analyses as such, realize the quality of the analysis is directly affected by the quality of the sample taken. To help ensure that our clients get the most out of their testing we have a worksheet available detailing proper sampling techniques. Feel free to contact us for a copy. The more representative the sample pulled, the more accurate and applicable the results. Enough said!

Sample Drop-Off

Sample Drop-off Instructions:
Our laboratory is located at 1409 W. Main Street, Suite 110 in Boise, Idaho, 83702. For reference, we are located next to Petso Financial.

Since our building is sometimes locked during business hours please call us to verify that you are submitting samples.

Please label all samples with: sample ID, tests requested, and contact information (name, winery, email and phone)

Drop-off Information

We want to ensure that you receive the best possible service and your samples are received quickly to ensure their quality.  Simply call and let us know what samples you’ll have, what time to expect them, and which drop-off option you prefer:

  1. Utilize our sample dropbox behind our building.   The building is unlocked when we are working onsite.  Our labeled black laboratory drop box is attached to the metal structure behind our back door. The code to the sample box is 208.  Samples will be picked up daily at  ~11 am once we are notified of sample submission.
  2. Arrange a time and location for us to meet.  We’re on the move frequently and may be able to pick up samples at a pre-scheduled time and date.

More Information

For more information or to schedule a personalized laboratory protocol analysis, please contact us.

We promise not to be too geeky or awkward.