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November- January 2023/24 Flight of Fancy

Progressive Primer

Chances are you’ve read a wine list or gone to a tasting where the wines were presented in a “progressive” order and not even known it. With wines arranged from light to full, dry to sweet, these are the progressive wine tenants by which we’ve organized our tastings and our shop. Delve into what this means by tasting three unique wines chosen for their different styles and find out once and for all how to be a “progressive taster”.


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Adventure time! This set is based on our whims of the season. Looking for wines that pair with specific foods, music or just a fun theme? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We can’t give away all of our secrets, but rest assured these seasonal sets will deliver wonderful wines to you with plenty of “crushability” to keep you wanting more!
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An Empowering, Engaging Wine Experience

Every two months, we create four unique flights of three wines each, arranged progressively, with wines centered around key themes. But our flights provide more than great juice in pretty packaging. We focus on wines that combine high quality and outstanding value. Plus, we include all of the wine facts so you'll know the nitty, gritty details behind each selection!