Global Foundations


February- April 2024 Global Foundations Flight

South Africa

South Africa has been crafting wine since the late 1650’s and grows a wide selection of varieties.  From classic Chenin Blanc to unique Pinotage these wines are a great combination of modern fruity styles and rustic savory characteristics.  In this flight you’ll enjoy three South African beauties along with a sparkling and a taste of your choice from one of our other flights.  Delicious!

This set includes:

Private Tasting for Two

Three bottles of curated wines

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Who doesn’t love to travel and taste all that the world has to offer?  In this set, you’ll explore the world of wine without leaving the state.  Each set features a distinct region from around the world with three key wines that represent the best of that theme.  These wines are chosen for their “classic” characteristics that can be attributed to the region, variety, and style.
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An Empowering, Engaging Wine Experience

Every two months, we create four unique flights of three wines each, arranged progressively, with wines centered around key themes. But our flights provide more than great juice in pretty packaging. We focus on wines that combine high quality and outstanding value. Plus, we include all of the wine facts so you'll know the nitty, gritty details behind each selection!